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Acrelane Builders Merchants have been supplying the trade with "heavyside" building materials for over 20 years.
Temporary Opening Hours 
Open   7:30  till    4:00     Monday to  Friday 
Saturday   Closed
Sunday and Bank Holidays  Closed

Covid-19 Update

We have used the time during the recent and ongoing lockdown to monitor the flow of information from the government, plan and adapt our operations to allow us to open with a limited service from Monday 27th April. By respecting the government advice and operating on a reduced staff in order to maintain distancing.

Our services maybe restricted to Pay as you order only as credit facilities are temporarily withdrawn and we ask that goods are purchased for jobs that are essential at this time.

- Please call between 07:30 and 16:00 to request deliveries. Outside office hours email sales@acrelanebuilders.co.uk and we will get back to you when we open.
- Please be aware there are supply issues and we may find some stock hard to replace.
- With this in mind we will not be able to guarantee deliveries 
placed more than one day in advance.

We have a limited capacity to arrange pre-ordered colllection service. Please call for advice or outside office hours email sales@acrelanebuilders.co.uk and we will get back to you when we open.

We would like to thank all our customers for your continuing support.

Delivery Service

We provide a delivery service on viable orders within the M25 and will deliver on either the same or the next day. To find out whether we can deliver to you, please contact us.

Building Materials


Acrelane Timber

Looking for Acrelane Timber ?  They are our sister company and even though we dont tell them, they are pretty good for supplying you with all Timber and related products.  To find them click HERE   

A sample of our extensive range of building materials

We only highlight on our website some of our more popular items of stock, to find out whether we stock any other items you may be looking for then just contact us below and we will be happy to help.

Old London Stock Bricks


Concrete Blocks


For further Concrete Block info click HERE


Back Garden Farm
Back Garden Farm



For Cement info click HERE

Thermalite Blocks


For further Thermalite info click HERE



The Crew



The Building

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Back Garden Farm

The Yard

Back Garden Farm

The News

June 2018
Nice new Lorry !!
Back Garden Farm
Aden Clearing his spillage !
Back Garden Farm
The Hottest day of the year, the reason our well presented crew are having a breather !!
Back Garden Farm
19th March 2015
Don't ask !!!
Back Garden Farm
20th February 2015
Total chaos on Acre Lane as the road workers seek to complete the works in record time
Back Garden Farm
April 2014
Barry looking suitably smug  with his new big lorry.
Back Garden Farm
26th July 2013
Steve carrying out yard repairs, We think Village People may be interested in him.
Back Garden Farm
19th July 2013
Scott has moved on to drive big trucks for a living.
Best of luck to him and other road users !!
All quiet at Acrelane but as you can see Andrea came to see us today.
Back Garden Farm
21st August 2012
Always nice to see Andrea
Back Garden Farm
Back Garden Farm
26th July 2012       All quiet on Acre Lane
Back Garden Farm
Winston's waiting for something. 11:30 am
Back Garden Farm
This is what he was waitin for  !!!!!!!!  12:30 am
Back Garden Farm
18th April 2012
The office floor gets yet another mopping, Dan the operator
this time.
Back Garden Farm
21st March 2012
Bunty (accounts) and son Dylan not to be messed with !!
Back Garden Farm
28th February 2012

Two new vehicles for us, a new van for Steve and Lorry for
Back Garden Farm
Back Garden Farm
27th February 2012

Geoff glad to be back in Brixton from Western Australia !
Back Garden Farm
27th October
Paul better today and nice to see Andrea.
Noise levels high as Scotts back from holiday.

It's been quiet here as Scott's on holiday.
Back Garden Farm
26th October
Paul not well today
Back Garden Farm
13th June
Dan (the destroyer) takes his first ride on his latest victim.
Man versus machine  ------  no contest
Back Garden Farm
Previous challenger to Dan below
Back Garden Farm
16th May
Re the flowers    no one noticed !!    

13th May
Our latest effort to enhance the shopping experience at Acrelane. Do builders like flowers? I will let you know.
Back Garden Farm
12th May  Glad to see Andrea back after her holidays.
Back Garden Farm
Monday 21st March 2011
20 years ago today I started Acrelane Builders Merchants Ltd
We are still here and so am I . Oh dear.
17th March 2011
Barry likes to get jobs done, he has completed and sent back his census form ten days early. Well done Barry, it will be among the first arrivals.
February 2011
Well we're still here riding out this prolonged recession.
Here is one cost cutting effort, reduced vehicle costs but it limits
our delivery capabilities. Winston likes it though.
Back Garden Farm
Thursday 23rd Sept
Very quiet month on the news front , Al  was hopeing to get to Shanghai for his holiday but didn't get out of Croydon.
Steve's persuaded his partner to marry him next year, he had to promise  her he wouldn't write any more love poems.
Pauls back to France next week hoping to get a big one on the end of his rod.
Thursday 26th August
No recent news as Geoff off walking in Shropshire, the pictures below show why one footpath was deemed impassable. The fields occupants were blocking the way and not looking too friendly !
Back Garden Farm
Back Garden Farm
Tuesday 10th August

No Barry this week, he's got on his bike and is racing at the weekend at Donington Park (if he can get into his leathers)
Back Garden Farm
Monday 9th August

Paul back from his hols, straight to the dentist for a root canal job
and paid £200 for the pleasure!
Steve turned around and said he'd like a balloon trip so Al's
organised it for him. See below.
Back Garden Farm
Back Garden Farm
Monday 2nd August
Scott didn't get up till 8 oclock this morning
Andrea paid us a visit first thing
Back Garden Farm
Friday 30th July

Barrys new 10 years younger look
Back Garden Farm
Friday 30th July
Stacking error at the rear of the yard, did Dan or Scott stack these?
Back Garden Farm
Which one do you think ?
Back Garden Farm

Friday 23rd July
Big news today,  it's Barry's Birthday !!!!!!
Happy birthday Barry.

Back Garden Farm
Bunty ( Accounts ) feeling pretty pleased with his new office
Back Garden Farm
Acrelane, in fact Brixton will be a quieter place as Josef is going home to Warsaw for 6 weeks
Back Garden Farm

Thursday 22nd July
Paul in Rhodes with his wife for 2 weeks, no fishing allowed

Al booked his car in for repairs at Renault Croydon and left the car early morning at Renault Beckenham, confused them for a while!
Winston is still proud of his Lunchbox

Monday 19th July
Winston is very pleased with the new lunch box his wife bought him over the weekend

Back Garden Farm

Thursday 15th July
Did Dan tip this bulk bag of ballast into next doors garden ?
The fence is  fu ----d  broken.
Back Garden Farm

No,  looks like it was Scott  !!
Back Garden Farm
How did Emily get on here?
Back Garden Farm

Tuesday 13th July
We know the Polish can build but check out their music. Click
Dan's Forklift back to work today.

Monday 12th July
5:45am Geoff's a Grandad !!!!

Thursday  8th July
Dan's Forklift signed off sick, big job repair needed.not sure when it will be back at work.
Barry's getting excited about the ABM World Cup sweepstake. Could be an extra £80 in his retirement fund come Monday,( if Holland wins).
If Spain wins it's a new pair of glasses for Dan.

Monday    5th July
Geoff away this week

Thursday 1st July
Andrea our favourite rep called in today

Back Garden Farm
Hardworking crew members
Back Garden Farm

Tuesday 29th June
England are back home.
Winston's dad's birthday.
Lambeth parking attendant strikes again.

Wednesday 23rd June
Closed at 2 oclock for a football match.

Thursday 24th June
Barry forgot his trousers and Thermalite wouldn't serve him ( H&S rule)
Dan lost his glasses, we think Winston delivered them somewhere.
Late News       Bunty from accounts came runner up in the dad's race at his son's school sports day. Well done Bunty.

Back Garden Farm
Paul with a big French one.